Read chapter 13 in composition of everyday life, concise 6th edition

read chapter 13  in Composition of Everyday Life, Concise 6th edition and answer questions

1. Make sure you read closely all 3 essays, “Celibate Passion,” Build the Wall,” and “Unemployed and Working Hard.” I guarantee they will keep your interest. 🙂 Write 3 (or more) sentences about which of these captured your attention. Why?

2. Under the ‘Analysis’ section, what are the 5 questions that help you theorize about a topic?

3. In the ‘Public Resonance’ section, what are the 4 questions that can help the  writer think more radically?

4. In the section, ‘Revising Your Thesis,’ what are the 3 questions you can use to analyze and polish your thesis?

5. What are the 5 rhetorical tools you can use for your research paper? Explain each in your own words in 2 (or more) sentences.