Python | Information Systems homework help

Project Report:
Each team will document their  analysis  and  results  in  a  report.  Report will  consist  of 
following sections:
o Cover page (title, group members)
o Executive summary
o Project motivation/background
o Key questions
o Data source
o Data description
o Data transformation/Exploratory data analysis
o Models and analysis
o Findings and managerial implications
o Conclusions
o Appendix: python codes with proper documentations
o References, if any

One report per group for submission. Messy or hard-to-read reports will receive penalty.
Feel free to add other sections if needed. If you feel any of the above required sections
should not be included in the final report, please talk to me. Missing important parts will
lead to penalty. There is no page limit.

Each team  will  present  their  project  to  the  class.  Presentation  will  focus  on  business
problem, analysis, and implications for the business. Logistics related to project
presentation will be provided later.