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1.Write a paper that describes how you would put your portfolio together, what support materials you are including (exact names of documents), and what the final portfolio looks like. Consider the following questions as you prepare this assignment. Is it a file you will be proud to contribute to over the years? How do you think this will be perceived during the Interview (or Annual Evaluation)? The completed assignment should be at least one page, double spaced.

2.Companies with happy and engaged workers are typically more successful than others. Management practices are largely responsible for building a productive workforce, which gives the company a competitive advantage. Bureaucratic management is defined as “the exercise of control on the basis of knowledge.” The aim of bureaucracy is not to protect authority but to achieve goals in the most efficient way possible. Review the management practices discussed in Exhibit 1.7 in MGMT, and write a report on how they might be applied in the workforce. Describe how bureaucratic management might create a competitive edge. Where possible, provide examples of your own experience with these practices. Your report should be 1 page in length.

3.Workers may not actually intend to act unethically. People typically have differing opinions on what qualifies as unethical behavior. After reading about how to encourage ethical decision making, develop a plan for training individuals on ethical behavior and decision making. In the plan, be sure to include the following: Discussion of behaviors or actions that you think should be avoided in the workplace. Include objectives or outcomes of the training. Steps employees could take to avoid those behaviors. Suggestions for how employees should deal with the unethical behavior of others as well as how employee’s ethical decisions promote social responsibility. Your plan should be 1-2 pages in length.

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