Proposing a business plan


 Proposing a business plan is important in nursing as this is being utilize to request for a new equipment, a design to a new service that will help in promoting care and quality service. A detailed plan includes structure, process, and outcome measures that will help in designing a framework to analyze department operations, evaluation programs, and also to determine achievement of departmental goals (Johnson & Smith, (2018). The project proposal for the business plan is all about promoting the use of ED interventions specifically for older patients that will reduce the occurrence of falls. Baptist hospital usually has older patients that younger ones as Florida is known to be the place for older people wherein they love the warm weather and the low cost of living. This project fits perfectly with the institution’s mission as the mission points out the importance of improving the health and well-being of individuals, and most of all to promote the sanctity and preservation of life and to maintain the high standards of the institution. The vision of the institution also emphasizes to offer a broad range of clinical services that are evidence-based and compassionately provided to ensure patient safety. With this, introducing a project about ED interventions focuses on patient’s safety while utilizing innovations. Baptist hospital always focuses on the strategic plan of implementing the latest technology to provide high-quality and compassionate care. The project focuses on older patients since most of the patients in ED are actually older and given that the leading cause of injury-related hospitalizations for seniors are caused by falls (Isaranuwatchai, Perdrizet, Markle-Reid, & Hoch, 2017). Falls currently occurs in ED because of low prevention interventions. With the proper introduction and utilization of this ED preventions, a lot of cases of falls can be prevented. Roger’s diffusion of innovation refers to the process as people adopts to the new changes, ideas, and products being introduced. Initiating a new process in a department may become difficult as not all might be open to the new idea. But with correct introduction of the innovation especially in ED wherein we are currently experiencing patient falls among older patients, will be a good opportunity to promote the use of ED interventions. I will focus on giving a brief discussion about the use of ED interventions pointing out the benefits it can bring to the department and most especially on how it will enhance patient experience. To do this, I will apply the five stages of adoption process. First thing that needs to be done is to individually expose the stakeholders to innovation but lacks complete information and let them be curious. Second is getting them to become interested with the new idea wherein they will seek more information. Third is to let them visualize the use of the new intervention to their anticipated future situation. Fourth is to let them use the ED intervention. And lastly, to let them fully use the ED intervention so as to continue to promote patient safety and providing quality care.