Project part 1 task 2: risk assessment plan


Project Part 1 Task 2: Risk Assessment Plan

After creating an initial draft of the risk management plan, the second part of the assigned project requires you to create a draft of the risk assessment (RA) plan. To do so, you must:

  1. Develop      an introduction to the plan explaining its purpose and importance.
  2. Create      an outline for the RA plan.
  3. Define      the scope and boundaries for the RA plan.
  4. Research      and summarize RA approaches.
  5. Identify      the key roles and responsibilities of individuals and departments within      the organization as they pertain to risk assessment.
  6. Develop      a proposed schedule for the RA process.
  7. Create      a professional report detailing the information above as an initial draft      of the RA plan.

Evaluation Criteria and Rubrics

  • Did      the student demonstrate an understanding of the competencies covered in      the course relating to risk assessments?
  • Did      the student include all important components of a RA plan in the outline?
  • Did      the student demonstrate good research, reasoning, and decision-making      skills in identifying key components and methodologies?
  • Did      the student create a professional, well-developed draft with proper      grammar, spelling, and punctuation?