Program evaluation | Government homework help

During this course, you will develop a systematic program evaluation plan, which is the product of extensive consideration of program goals, objectives, and methods of evaluation. Given time constraints, you are not expected to execute the plan from beginning to end. However, the plan should clearly articulate how the evaluator would do so. The plan will include several components that will be completed during the course. Components will be due at different key points in the course. Following are the expectations for each component of the evaluation:

·  Purpose and Scope – Component 1: DUE TOPIC 2

o  Identify the program and explain the background of the program.

o  Create a researchable question that will guide your evaluation. 

o  Describe why the program needs to be evaluated. Describe the purpose of the evaluation. Why does an evaluation need to be done for this program? How do you know the program needs to be evaluated? What aspect of the program will you evaluate?

o  Identify relevant stakeholders, not only who is paying for implementing the program, but also who are the beneficiaries of the evaluation. Will it be the entire program or just an aspect of it? How did you choose? This should end with your researchable question in the Topic 2 assignment.