please answer # 1 and 2-3 paragraphs for #2

1.  Research an organization that is currently experiencing growth. Discuss with your classmates the type of growth, history of growth, and how the organization is managing this period of growth? Be sure to address items such as hiring practices, budgets, marketing, expenses, expansions, etc. Finally provide your perspective on whether this type of growth can be sustained and for how long? please cite your work

2.  A number of organizations that did not consider marketing part of their business activities in the past have found the need to begin to market their services. Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the nonprofit community.  While not “selling” a product or service, public service organizations such as the Red Cross have developed officers who marketing organization in the community.

How might you “sell” a public service organization in the community? What is it what is different about this versus selling for for-profit enterprise?  What would be your goals and how would you accomplish them?

Please cite your work

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