Personal ethos and mission statement | ENG121 English Composition I | Ashford University



Prior to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 in your course textbook. Additionally, watch the TEDx Talk video, The Power of Personal Narrative | J. Christian Jensen | TEDxBYU (Links to an external site.).


Every one of us has a personal history that shapes who we are and informs what we choose to do with our lives. We call this our personal narrative. This, in turn, is at the foundation of our ethos: the characteristic spirit manifested in our beliefs and actions. Think about your own narrative, the path that has led you here, and what you are actively doing to achieve your vision for the future. Additionally, consider the core values and strengths, both you already possess and to be developed through your education, that will lead you to that future.


In 250 to 300 words, address the following points:

  • In one sentence, define where you want to be, both personally and professionally, in 5 years.
  • Summarize your personal narrative as a mission statement:
    • Describe the moment that led you to this present moment in your life.
    • Explain why you have chosen the path (academic, personal, career) that you have.
    • Identify the obstacles to achieving your goals.
    • Analyze what strengths and values you bring with you.
    • Evaluate how your education will help you further develop your strengths and values and overcome those obstacles.
    • Formulate your ultimate goal and describe what it means to you.