Ou (if you have one that is not on the list that is also acceptable

Write a 1-2 page, double spaced paper in which you explore your data plan in depth.  Please be sure your paper contains the following information 

  • Choose a popular diet plan. Some suggestions are 
    • The Mediterranean diet
    • The DASH Diet
    • Vegetarian Diet
    • Vegan Diet
    • Intermittent Fasting
    • The Paleo Diet
    • The Keto Diet
    • The Atkins Diet
    • Calorie Restriction 
    • Whole 30
    • South Beach Diet
    • The MIND Diet
    • Choose one diet plan that interests you (If you have one that is not on the list that is also acceptable as long as it is a well-known diet plan you can find information about).
      Research some information from a reputable source (such as a library article or a site like the Mayo Clinic: https://www.mayoclinic.org/) related to the diet plan you choose.  
  • Introduction: A brief overview of the diet plan, including two benefits and two drawbacks. Do you feel the claims are accurate why or why not? (Answer this question using the research you did to prepare)
  • Based on the benefits and drawbacks, consider who might choose this diet plan and who may not want to choose this plan and why? 
  • Plan a meal: Find one recipe that would fit this diet plan. Provide all ingredients in this recipe. Explain why it fits the parameters of the diet plan.
  • Conclusion: Would you consider following this diet plan based on what you have learned? Why or why not?  

Remember to cite any source you used to find your information. All references should have a full citation at the end of your paper as well as in text citations to show where they were used.  If you have questions about this Assignment, please email your instructor.