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The purpose  of the Bank on Me1 simulation is for you to apply employment  communication principles during a hiring process. Bank on Me, a  hypothetical financial services company, is hiring for its Finance  Management Training Program. You will participate in the recruitment  process and play the roles of human resources recruiters. After  selecting candidates based on cover letters, résumés, voice mail  messages, and interview results you will decide on who you will hire and  communicate your hiring decision. This simulation allows you to see the  hiring process from a company perspective and make decisions for your  own communication as future job candidates.   Your Assignment in Brief:    Communicating your Decision (Approximately 4 pages total) – Submit in a  WORD or PDF file   1. In 250 words or fewer, write a memo to Professor Oase explaining  which candidate you chose and why. Include at least three reasons why  you chose him/her.    2. Next, write an email to the candidate about your decision to hire him  or her. You need to actually write an email message to the candidate  you selected (200 words maximum).   3. In 250 words or fewer, write an email to Professor Oase explaining  which candidates you did not choose and why. Include at least three  reasons per candidate.   4. Write an email about your decision that you will send to the  candidates who you did not hire. That is, you need to actually write an  email form letter to the candidates you did not hire (200 words  maximum).     Checklist – All five deliverables are listed below:  1. Completed decision matrix.  2. Memo explaining candidate chosen.  3. Email to the candidate you chose.  4. Email explaining which candidates were not chosen.  5. Email form letter to the candidates not selected.