Operating system voice powerpoint | Computer Science homework help


Based on what you have learned in this module, create a voiceover  PowerPoint presentation on the operating system that runs on your own  device. You can choose to discuss your desktop, laptop, or mobile  device. The PowerPoint slides will cover the following questions: 

  • Discuss which OS runs on your choice of device. 
  • What type of OS it is? Explain why. 
  • Describe your experience with this OS. Is it good, bad, average,  below average? What are the advantages and problems you have had, etc.? 

SLP Assignment Expectations

Create a voiceover PowerPoint presentation that fulfills the following expectations:

  • At least 10 slides (excluding cover page and reference page). 
  • Cover all questions listed in this assignment. 
  • List all references used on a reference slide using APA format.