One page paper on current event article summarized plus how article

Interest groups, Congress, President, Judiciary 

Locate a current event article from the past two years. The event should be related to politics or government policy in the United States. The source must be credible. Summarize the article in your own words. Explain how the article is related to one or more of the concepts in the box below taken from the chapters.


Collective goods/selective benefit 

Iron triangles 

Inside and outside strategies of lobbyists 



Pork barrel 

Informal powers of president 

“Bully Pulpit”

Pocket Veto 

Judicial Review 

Formatting: 3 pages total 

APA 7th title page 

One-page single space content (Times New Roman, 12″ font, left justified)

In text citations (Author, year)

Separate APA 7th reference page