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I believe student-faculty members should have open communication. As faculty, we should provide a sense of openness and non-judgement so students can feel comfortable to voice their problems or concerns. We should understand that not all students are the same and every student situation is different. I believe we should keep interactions with students who are failing open. We should give them a chance to explain and if they are trying, she should look for ways to help them help themselves bring their grade up. When it comes to issues of misconduct or academic dishonesty, I will personally address the student and give them a warning. I will show them exactly what they are violating. If they continue or don’t correct their actions, I will forward the issue to the board. Substance abuse problems are difficult, but I believe we can all fall into it. We should be understanding and offer them support and empathy. Giving them support programs and checking in a little more often than usual.



  The nature of the relationship that students develop with faculty is a professional relationship that can influence the quality of the students’ education and success. Billings and Halstead (2022) agree that faculty should establish a learning environment that is characterized by collaboration, understanding mutual respect, trust, and equality. Therefore its the faculty responsibility to develop a learning environment that encourages collaborative and positive faculty interactions that are required faculty to examine and develop an awareness of their own beliefs and values about the teaching and learning process,  to consider whether their actions create barriers to or facilitate the process of relationship formation for students.

 Failing in an academic classroom is not something uncommon, the reasons are numerous, either student underestimate the time and effort they need to devote to the program or they have issues with time management or are unable to organize their schedule and study time appropriately. It is its faculty’s responsibility to identify the failing student and try to develop and provide academic support services to increase student chances for success. They can participate to support groups such as peer groups, tutoring to help them find their difficulties and ensure that students receive the assistance they need.  

Dishonesty in the classroom is not uncommon, especially now with advanced technology in hand makes cheating much, easier. Dishonesty in the nursing profession is very serious for faculty because if the student is able to cheat in the classroom, that student has the potential to also demonstrate dishonesty in a clinical setting which is not acceptable. Nursing faculty must role model a high level of integrity as well as create high integrity classrooms to promote a high standard learning environment for the student.