Need help urgent – case study agile paper – valpak

You will need to read the agile case study (Valpak) in chapter 19 of the textbook and analyze the implications of the Scrum framework in agile versus the traditional method in an organizational transformational process. 

Transitioning an organization like Valpak from a waterfall traditionally managed organization to an agile managed organization could be a major transforming event. Understanding transformational processes and how to overcome some of these challenges gives you a practical insight into an agile implementation that we have discussed in the past six weeks. 

Instructions:  

Explain the implications of the agile implementation at Valpak.

o What was the transformation that took place? 

o What types of Agile methodologies were used? 

o What were the big challenges that were addressed? 

o What were the key success factors? 

o What were the lessons learned from Valpak regarding the implementation?  

Address how this approach could be implemented at your current company or a company earlier in your career. 

o What would be the challenges? 

o How would they be overcome? 

APA Format – A minimum of 4 pages in length not including title and references ( need 2 references)