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Summary of what the marketing plan consist of- Its a employment agency for Medical field. The Customer/clients would be hospitals, assistant living care facilities, specialty clinics and Family care clinics. The employment agency company will meet the client staffing needs as needed. Competitors-other medical facilities. For example what happens is the employment agency would charge the client a monthly fee of what ever the cost would be to pay their employee but would need to be enough to pay the hourly wage and leave a percentage for the company.Example- A hospital calls staffing agency, states they have an employee on fml, they need a CNA to cover for a month. The agency would then send over a CNA but the expenses would be paying the CNA a wage of 12hr for 8hr, but the agency asking 17hr so they can pay CNA and they get their percentage. 

1. I dentify the likely prospects for your product or service. 

2. Determine what information you should obtain about the prospect.

3. Describe how you would approach the prospect.

4. Outline the presentation you would make to the prospect for your product or service.

5. Develop a sales plan, focusing on the organizational structure you would use for your sales force ( geographic, product/service, or customer).

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