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Test each of the 5 moral premises below through the use of counterexamples. To do this, create 2 counterexamples for each of the premises. Once you’ve identified these weaknesses, revise each premise to help it overcome your counterexamples.

  1. Bill Gates is a good person.
  2. Genetically modifying a human embryo is wrong.
  3. To be a good person you must always do what is good for everyone.
  4. You ought to turn the other cheek when you are insulted.
  5. Same sex marriage is immoral.


You have been introduced to the moral theory of utilitarianism. One of the most prominent philosophers who prescribe to this theory, Peter Singer, argues for better treatment of animals and equal moral consideration for them. 

Use the theory of utilitarianism and Peter Singer’s argument regarding animals to argue if children, mentally handicapped individuals, or corporations should have equal moral considerations as the average human adult.

This assignment should be done as a 2-3 page paper in APA format.


Over the last two modules you have studied two influential ethical theories, the Utilitarian theory of J. S. Mill and the duty based theory of Immanuel Kant. 

For this assignment you will need to weigh each of these ethical theories and answer the questions: Which of these two theories do you believe is applicable to your day-to-day life? Why do you believe this? 

Your paper explaining your stance should be 2-3 pages and APA format.




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