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A lot of times in your career you have to present results to management or a committee instead of submitting (or in addition to) a formal document. I would like to use this case study to give you a chance to practice this. The ability to create a well structured and polished presentation is an additional skill that will contribute to your future success.

Therefore the case will be done in PowerPoint, since this is the graphical language of business! Please be creative regarding the design (under “Design” in PowerPoint there are various options) and remember some basic rules for a good PowerPoint presentation:

> if text, then bullet point style, no paragraphs or series of sentences

> make sure the font size is big enough for a presentation

> sentences mainly in form of statements in just one line

> every statement has to be short, focused and precise

> add some images/graphs etc. to make it appealing

> fine tune it graphically at the end (consistency of fonts, font sizes, alignments, etc.)

Please use the template/theme options within PowerPoint (there are many themes and colors to select from), as the framework and start with a short introduction, then answer the questions at the end of the case, do the conclusion/lessons learned and list the references (expected are 6-8 other sources besides the textbook). Please use research to get a broader view of the case and to help you answer the questions. Your references just have to be listed on the last slide. The conclusion/lessons learned should focus on “What did YOU personally learn from reviewing this case regarding business ethics?”

The case has to be submitted in PowerPoint, please use this opportunity to practice. Remember, you have a lot less space than in Word (you have max. 10 slides, no more like provided in the template), so you have to focus in your answers on the essence and create strong and short statements.

Note: There are so many themes to select from, you may decide to change after you start developing your slides. Some themes give less space for typed points you want to add. Other themes you may find the colors not great (it allows you to change theme colors.


Your PowerPoint document (nothing else needs to be submitted) will be graded against the following criteria:

  • Creative and thoughtful coverage of the case questions (15 points)
  • Personal conclusions are drawn from the case. Did you describe what you learned regarding Business Ethics? (5 points)
  • Quality and use of references (5 points)
  • Creativity and quality of your presentation in PowerPoint (5 points)