Money and Banking, Report- 1500 word, business and finance homework help

Will provide you logins once approved.

Project Description

Course Name: Money and Banking

The assignment is mainly a Stocks Game, so someone who knows how to deal with the Stock Market and Stocks can do the job.

Online Assignment/ Report

There will be an online stock market game, conducted through Registration is required and is free. Students can use this unique link to access the contest:

At the end of the second week, each student will be invited to join a private contest by email, which will provide the password to log into the relevant contest for this course. The contest will start from the fourth week and will run for about 4 weeks. Further details about the contest will be given out in class. Please note that students cannot use any other online contests for this course.

At the end of the contest, each student will have to submit a report of not more than 1,500 words, discussing the strategies and the results. Each report should include records of account summary, trading history and graphs on a weekly basis, placed in the appendix. The guidelines for the report will be posted on Ryerson D2L Brightspace. The report will be due on March 14, 2016.

Further Details

You have already joined the contest, so just log in and click “Trade now” tab in the middle of the page, besides the “Ranking Status”, enter the stock symbol that you want to buy and the number of shares, click “Trade now” and the trading will be processed and the costs shown. You only need to confirm it by clicking “Yes-Make the Trade” and the order will be confirmed.

If you don’t know the stock “symbol”, click the link “Symbol” (? lookup) just under the “Trade now” to find it. Alternatively, you can click the “Symbol Lookup” on the left hand side panel. For example, Apple is AAPL, Microsoft is MSFT, Ford Motors is F. If you want to buy 10 shares of Ford, then enter 10 in one box and then F on the box next to it.

Every student needs to practice the trading, so please try it out as soon as possible. It’s not that difficult.

In the report, marks are awarded based on four parts every week: strategy, research, trading, results. If you had done some research and picked a strategy during week 1, you can write them in the report and may not lose all the marks for that week. But frankly, without the trading, it’s not possible to see whether you really implement those strategy and research in the game, so you will still lose some marks in week 1 if you didn’t do any trading.

If you confirm this order, please do trading for 1st week today, as it is already started.

You need to do atleast trading three times till 3rd March.

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