Module 4 one blood | History homework help

Study Questions

Answer the following questions (based on the reading), save it, and then submit it to the professor.



  1. Why are Genesis 10 and 11 “significant” chapters?
  2. T/F—“It would be incorrect to simply identify Hamites with Africans.” Explain your answer.
  3. Who is Nimrod? Be thorough.
  4. T/F—The descendant of Shem most important to the writer was Eber. Why?
  5. T/F—The Flood only destroyed sinful men, not sinful nature. Explain your answer.
  6. How does Genesis 11 begin?
  7. What language is often considered the original language of all languages?
  8. What is a ziggurat?
  9. Why did God judge the people for building the tower?
  10. How does Davis relate this event to Pentecost?
  11. T/F—The genealogies are the exact dates for the patriarchs and contain no gaps. Explain your answer.
  12. What do we know about Abraham’s father?
  13. Why is it important to emphasize the idea of “one blood” in today’s society (Acts 17:26)?