module 4: database project phase 3 instructions

Module 4: Queries & SQL

Database Project Phase 3 Instructions

Following are instructions for Database Project Phase 3. Remember that each phase is built on the instructor-approved outcome of the previous phases and reflects all recommended changes and corrections.  Follow all submittal instructions at the bottom of this document.

Phase 3:  Build and Populate Tables, Perform Queries: In this phase of the project your work will be done in MS Access.  You will build the approved tables, populate the tables with data and perform a variety of queries as stated below:

  • Create a new database named after your project title.
  • Follow the examples in Chapter 3 of the MS Access textbook and create tables in Design View.  Be sure to use a variety of data types.  Explore data types other than text. Use numeric, date, etc.
  • Make sure tables have the appropriate primary key matching the approved table structure from Phase 2.
  • Populate tables with data with a minimum of 10 records.  There may be one or two tables with fewer records.  For example, in the case of the daycare example, there may be only two to three teachers.
  • In a Word document, propose five different types of queries to be performed on your database tables.  Include a variety of queries as follows:
    • And query
    • Or query
    • Multi-table query
    • Parameter query
  • Perform the proposed queries and save them in your database.  Assign a meaningful name to each for easy reference as you will be using them in future phases.
  • Submit your MS Access database file and word document to the assignment submission folder in Module 4.