Module 3: data normalization | Computer Science homework help

Assignment: Import Data and Build Relationships Instructions

In this assignment you will work with both MS Access and Excel. Much of the work you do this module you have done already in module 2. The only new task in this assignment is to ‘import’ data from Excel into Access. Reference the MS Access textbook for instructions on importing data. Note that the Module 3 data file referenced below is located as an attachment in the assignment submission folder that follows this page.

Here is what you need to do:

  • Download Module 3 Data file. (Module 3 Data.xls – a link is provided in the assignment submission folder that follows this page)
  • Open the Excel file that you just downloaded and take note of the three tabs: Customers, Products, and Sales.
  • Open MS Access and create a new database named Module 3.
  • Create three tables named Customers, Products, and Sales.
  • Open each table in Design View and add fields to accommodate data in each of the columns. Use the column titles as field name. Determine proper data type for each field.
  • Be sure to assign Primary Key to each table.
  • After creating the three tables, import data from each tab in the Excel file to the appropriate table in Access.
  • Create a Relationship between the three tables.
  • Submit your database to the appropriate assignment submission folder.