Module 2 discussion: article, resource, or application of slope

 Part 1Slope is used in many areas of construction and building; one such area is wheelchair ramps (which must be ADA-compliant). ADA standards allow a minimum slope of 1/20 and a maximum slope of 1/12. For this discussion, you will design a ramp.

  1. Give the starting point of the ramp. If you are starting it on the ground, then use the point (0,0).
  2. Decide how high the ramp will go, this will be the y value for the endpoint of the ramp.
  3. Select a slope for the ramp. Make sure it falls within the ADA-approved values.
  4. Based on the height and slope of the ramp, find the horizontal distance that the ramp will cover. This will be the x value of the endpoint of your ramp.
  5. Give the equation of the ramp in slope-intercept form.