Module 06 assignment – blended learning in action


Module 06 Assignment – Blended Learning in Action

A blended learning environment doesn’t happen overnight. It takes small steps and well thought out goals to make a successful blended learning environment. In this assignment, you will describe three goals for creating a blended learning environment with action steps for how you will incorporate technology into your program.

Instructions for Writing Goals on Blended Learning in Action

  1. Using the provided Blended Learning Template complete the following steps to design a blended learning action plan.
    1. Describe one goal of incorporating technology.
    2. Identify the age group for the blended learning.
    3. Explain the timeline for accomplishing this goal.
    4. List all materials needed.
    5. Determine any anticipated obstacles or challenges.
    6. Plan how you will overcome any obstacles or challenges.
    7. List one resource(s) you might need for support in APA format.
    8. Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  2. Repeat the steps above for writing Goal #2 and Goal #3.