Mkt665 db1 | Marketing homework help


Brands from a Consumer Perspective

Few consumers in capitalist societies are immune to the lure of brands. With this in mind, let us begin our journey in brand management by analyzing our own brand behaviors. Understanding how brands affect the individual will allow us to apply this knowledge on a larger scale as the class progresses.


  • THE CHOSEN BRAND: Identify one well-known brand and describe what draws you to that brand. You must analyze your own brand behavior using concepts from this week’s readings and lectures. Sharing demographic traits that may explain the brand attraction is necessary.
  • THE COMPETITION: Describe a major competitor of the brand and compare the two brands in terms of positioning.
    • Are they positioned differently?
    • What are the points of parity?
    • What are the points of differentiation? 
  • ANALYSIS: Sum up your discussion with an analysis of why you are drawn to the chosen brand vs. its competitors. Your analysis must be substantiated by research from articles in the library’s full-text databases.
  • APPLICATION: How can this type of information on loyal consumers be used by the brand manager in its marketing communications & strategy?