Mis433- module 4: queries & sql

In this assignment, you are given a complete database file (located in the assignment following this page) which sets the stage for the following list of queries. After you create and test your query, then save it under the name given as a part of the instructions for each query. Note that the file referenced below is located in the assignment submission folder that immediately follows this page.

  1. Download the Module4.accdb database. (Located in the assignment submission folder located after this page.)
  2. Get to know the tables.
  3. Review the Relationship across all the tables. This will help you when you work on a multi-table query.
  4. Create a query to list all the data from the Customers table ordered in the ascending order of the State field. Save the query as Q1
  5. Create a query to list the Company name, address and balance of the customers who have a balance over $0. Save it as Q2.
  6. Create a query to list the names of the customers who purchase a GMC Pickup (ID 59) or Ford Convertible (ID 15). This is a multi-table type of query. Save it as Q3.
  7. Create a parameter query of your choice. Use any table and criteria you choose. Save it as Q4.
  8. Create a multi-table query of your choice using an ‘AND’ operator. Save it as Q5.