Mgt 434 final exam | Accounting homework help

1. The Civil Rights Act of 1964


2. Title VII protections apply to:


3.  For hostile environment sexual harassment to exist, the offending activity:


4.  In order to be afforded constitutional and/or statutory protections, the complainant must:


5.  Under the ADA, an individual


6. Peter is a 65 year old black man. He is a licensed pilot and is in perfect health. Peter has applied to Flying High Airlines, and his application has been rejected.


7.  An employer’s duty to accommodate the religious practices of an employee is limited by


8.  Lori works for a national restaurant chain and has been discriminated against by her employer.


9.  The ADEA


10. Which of the following is not a belief that may require accommodation by the employer:


11. Mike wants a divorce. He has read in a magazine that men tend to get more favorable settlements when they have a female attorney. Mike goes into a large firm with a 13 member domestic relations department (8 men and 5 women) and asks to speak with female attorneys only. If the law firm complies with his request: 


12. Title VII


13. In Rowe v. General Motors Corp., three black employees sued claiming that foreman-based recommendations used for promotions were unlawful and racially discriminating. The court did not find:


14. An employer who fails to properly investigate potential employees may be liable to injured third

parties under the following legal theory: 


15. Acir Manufacturing Company runs a plant in the worst part of town. Despite adequate lighting and security patrolling the parking lot, it is still considered very dangerous to walk to or from your car at night. MGT 434 final. The plant operates 3 shifts and is open 24 hours a day. Due to the high risk, women are only hired for the 8:00 am to4:00 pm shift.


16. The Family and Medical Leave Act applies to:


17. The law requires that unions and management bargain:


 18. Philip has been employed at his company for 3 years. The new head of human resources wants all employees to agree to waivers allowing the company to search the employee’s hard drives for illegal and/or anti-company material without exposing the company to liability:


19. An accommodation, under ADA, is reasonable if:



20. In terms of sexual harassment, an employer is liable for the following: