memo to the county


I need a one page report to UPPER CASCADIA COUNTY 

I’m the Juvenile services manger 

·  A one-page, single-spaced, cover memo to the county commissionerspresenting your department request for FY5.  Include a total department request dollar figure in the opening paragraph and explain any department percentage change from the FY4 Adopted level.  At the line-item, detailed level, also explain your blanket percentage rate adjustment, and explain how and why you adjusted permanent wages and salaries, temporary salaries, PERS payments, and employee medical benefits line-items.  Explain the rationale behind your request relative to the department’s mission.

·  Explain the requested levels for service contracts and for professional services.  Recognize spending for continuing contracts, and explain any contract closures or new contracts.

·  Clearly explain and justify any requests for capital purchases.

·  Use professional and fictitious license to support the arguments in your memo. 

Please find the excel sheet on the attachment 

The pink Shadowed is where I’m working on 

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