Measurement instruments: validity and reliability

Step 1:  

Analyze and Report the Reliability Results (5 para). Just use the attached word document homework to answer the step 1 task.

  1. Analyze the Cronbach’s alpha results that are in the word document and determine if it is an acceptable value for business and technology research. 

 Make an accurate argument about whether the calculated Cronbach’s alpha coefficient is sufficient for a given dataset and includes a reference or evidence to support the assertion.  Reports validity results for a given instrument, interprets the results, and supports the interpretation with appropriate references. 

  1. Provide your rationale for your decision and support your analysis and decision with solid references (such as Field, 2018, pages 601–608). 
  2. Create a Word document with your name and your analysis, including reference. 

Step 2: 

Assess Validity : Use the attached article to answer the step 2 questions

  1. Using the journal article that you analyzed for the Unit 2 discussion, identify and assess the confirmatory factor analysis “goodness of fit” results for the instrument. 
  2. Based on the populations used in the previous studies where the instrument was used and validated, determine whether you would need a pilot to test the instrument with your potential dissertation population. Justify your decision and provide supporting references as appropriate.
    Create a separate word document for this analysis.


For step1 analysis use homework document

For step2: cost -effecetive analayse