Marketing Essentials


attached to this post you will find my assessment that you have to correct and all the informations you’ll need.

Below you’ll find the feedback from my teacher that she pointed me to the parties to be corrected. 

Eugene, Please check the following question again :

a) Identify two key characteristics of the TRI Fitness product/service at the Fitness Only level 

b) Explain why these are significant in the market – Pricing – You can compare TRI products with competitor product and make a table of comparison – Location/Place – Where currently TRI located? – Analysis the table given as per discussion in class before that based on the feedback provid provide a statement of what you think our overall customer service levels are currently and provide reasons for your analysis. Also, identify two areas where excellent customer services levels could be used as a selling point in marketing activities.

Also after you correct my assessment (task1) you have to complete task 2 (it’s just an email). 

After you bid my question I’ll give you the assessment checklist that you have to follow for doing the tasks. 

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