Managing Innovation Summary

Discuss the characteristics of managing innovation listed on p. 23 of The Management of Technology and Innovation. As a team, rank the six factors in order of most important to least important to the innovation process. Write a 350- to 700-word summary of your discussion that includes the following:

  • Your team’s rankings with a brief description of each characteristic
  • A description of how the team approached the assignment and arrived at a final decision for your order

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Making Decisions for Managing Innovation 6 factors!!

Fostering creativity is essential to managing innovation. However, it is more than encouraging individuals to think outside the proverbial box. It includes developing an environment of discovery in the organization. Delbecq and Mills 16 described the characteristics of firms that manage the innovation process well. These firms are characterized by:

  1. Separate funds for innovation
  2. Periodic reviews of informal proposals by a group outside line management
  3. Clear direction on studies to be done and follow-ups that are expected
  4. Extensive boundary-spanning activities to learn from others and to gain an understanding of what others are doing
  5. Sets of realistic expectations
  6. Supportive atmosphere for “debugging” and exploring variations as well as appropriate resources for maintenance and service

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