Times are slow for your company right now and with the rising costs of materials and wages, your profits are at an all-time low. Because of this unfortunate situation, you will need to let some employees go. The senior management team has already compiled the list of people whose employment will be terminated two weeks from today. However, the people on the list will not know until the day of the termination.

You have called a meeting of your department managers and supervisors (judges). The managers and supervisors do not know that a list has been created, so you will need to let them know this at some point in the conversation.. Also, they will not be able to see the list until the day of the terminations. Obviously, this is a very confidential topic and should not be shared with anybody outside of this meeting. The purpose of your meeting today is to confide in this group and assure them that none of them are on the list. You also want to get their feedback on how the general employee base will react to the news and event in two weeks. Next, you’d like to understand and anticipate any questions that they believe will arise so that appropriate answers can be prepared. Finally, you would like to devise an action plan/transition plan for the day after the event.

What you can tell the managers is the number of people they will each be losing, if you find that information important to share. Here is the breakdown:

• Order Processing will lose four of its 12 people
• Human Resources will lose two of its five people
• Production will lose eight of its 40 people

After introductions, you should begin discussing this upcoming event with your managers (judges).

1. Why is this happening?

2. How will this impact the areas?

3. How will the department managers plan for this without breaking confidentiality?

4. How will the departments transition after the event?

5. Anything else you feel your managers and supervisors would want to know or need to know.

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