Mac and cheese marketing exploration

In this lesson, we have explored the issues with and strategies for marketing on a global level. For this exploration, you will use the theory/skills you learned in this lesson and from previous lessons in this class (such as the lessons on culture, exporting, and strategy). Put yourself in the role of a marketer from Kraft Heinz Company. The beloved American treat Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is widely available in the United States and other select countries (such as Canada and Australia). Imagine that the company would like to get into new markets in either South America, Central America, Eastern Europe, or Africa. You are asked to recommend a new market in one of those areas and create a (brief) marketing plan for the product in that market.

In a 500–700 word post to this discussion forum, answer the following:

  1. What country from the regions in the prompt did you select and why?
    • Note: You must select a country – a continent or a region do not qualify as a country. And your country must be in South America, Central America, Eastern Europe or Africa. Countries outside of these regions will not meet the requirements of this assignment. 
  • 2. Would you make localization changes to the product, marketing, and so on, for this product in that market? Why or why not?

Notes and hints:

  • You must use reputable sources to support your decisions, such as academic sources (peer reviewed) or authoritative sources (having expert qualifications in the subject or area).
  • Use course theory to support or guide your decisions:the four Ps, Hofstede, global strategy, and so on, are all good places to start.
  • You must cite all of the sources you use just as you would a paper, and use APA formatting.