Long-Term And Short-Term Plans

Success in any endeavor requires focus, long-term planning, and effort. Most long-term objectives require short-term achievements.

Use what you have learned about yourself through the SWOT analysis and environmental scan you completed to develop a long-term and a short-term plan for yourself. Complete the following:

  1. Start by describing your 5-year professional and financial objectives.
    • What title or position would you like to have?
    • Where would you like to be financially?
  2. Based on the results of your SWOT analysis and environmental scan, determine the following:
    • What skills do you need to develop to achieve your 5-year objectives?
    • Is your industry changing? What do you need to do to grow with it?
    • What resources do you have to help you achieve your 5-year objectives? (Hint: Resources can mean more than financial; are there people you know who can help you achieve your objective?)
  3. Now develop a short-term plan that will help you achieve your long-term objectives:
    • What will you need to accomplish each year to achieve your 5-year objectives?
    • What monthly/weekly/daily steps will help you reach your long-term objectives?
    • How will you address obstacles that occur along the way?

To successfully complete this assessment, you may need to do some research on developing long-term and short-term plans. Format this assessment as a research paper following current APA guidelines for both style and citing sources, making sure that you also use correct grammar and mechanics. There is no required minimum or maximum page length; however, you should strive to be as detailed as possible in addressing each point, while also being as clear and concise as possible.

This assignment need to coincide with my SWOT analysis and my environmental scan. Please see attachments.

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