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 Paper Instructions

Letter to a Friend (SOC 213)

For this assignment, you are to write a letter to a friend or relative (someone with whom you have a good relationship but who is not a sociologist or a sociology student). You DO NOT need to actually mail the letter to them. Rather, the purpose of the assignment is to develop your sociological thinking, writing skills, critical thinking, and to allow you to demonstrate your understanding of the terms culture and rites of passage. Before writing your letter, you will need to locate a minimum of three scientific resources which explain culture and rites of passage. You must cite these sources in the body of your letter using APA format. In addition, you will need to locate resources that explain how the rites of passage surrounding dating, weddings, and marriage differ in one country OTHER than the United States. Although you may use your text as a resource, you must still have three additional resources.

Your letter must be a MINIMUM of 500 words in length. Your letter must include the following:

1. An explanation of the difference between the terms culture and rites of passage

2. Identification of a country other than the United States which will be discussed

3. A detailed explanation of at least one dating, one wedding, and one marriage rite of passage in that country.

4. A discussion of how the rites of passage in the country you picked differ and/or are similar to those practiced in the United States.

5. A discussion of your reaction to the three rites of passage.

6. Put the information in your own words.

7. Proper in-text citations in the body of your letter in APA format from a minimum of three different sources

8. A separate works cited page in APA format attached to your letter with a minimum of three different sources

9. Please note that if you do not provide in-text citations and a works cited page, this is plagiarism and your grade will be a 0.

Write in your own voice, use first person, and avoid jargon or trying to “sound smart.” Your letter should sound like one that you would normally write to a friend or relative. Your letter should include all the parts of a letter such as a date, greeting, and closing. Focus on how you can use everyday language to inform your reader of the complex things you are learning about culture and rites of passage in this class. Make sure to cite your resources in the text of your letter (when you paraphrase). Do not use direct quotes. I want your words, not theirs.

You must email me the name of the country you will be writing about by midnight on January 26 so that I may approve it. If you do not complete this portion of the assignment, you will not be allowed to turn in the final letter.