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Here’s the scenario:  You are a paralegal in a small general practice law firm.  Your supervisory attorney tells you that a potential client is coming in that afternoon to discuss a pending federal investigation into whether the client, a woman, conspired to commit marriage fraud by entering into a sham marriage with a foreign national.  The attorney tells you to look in secondary sources for some general information on marriage fraud as a means of circumventing federal immigration requirements.

This week’s discussion is in two parts.  Answer both parts in the same posting.

1.  Post 2-3 sentences discussing why secondary sources would be a good starting point for researching this issue.

2.  Locate an online legal dictionary and look up the phrase “good faith.” Provide a one-sentence definition of what that phrase means.  Do not just cut and paste – provide the definition in your own words. Even if you think you know what the phrase means, you still need to look it up in an online legal dictionary and identify which legal dictionary you used.  Make sure you provide the full URL of where you obtained your definition.  

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