Leadership -Values and Priorities

A leader is a person who normally provides guidance to all his team members as well as defining goals in order to achieve them. However, sometimes priorities as well as values of the leader may conflict with the organization. At times leaders sometimes make mistakes that affect the organization. Some of the things that make them make mistakes include: Internal environmental influences affect leaders so much in their performance. These factors include facilities, technology, communication, expertise of subordinates. For instance, the leader may be aging and may not be currently advanced in technology. Another example may be skill levels of the subordinates: if the subordinates of the leader are highly competent, they will help in improving the performance as well as problem solving skills. Another thing is that if there is poor communication in a group this will definitely affect the leader as a result. External factors such as social issues, economic, natural disasters and political issues may provide unique challenges to the leader.

Answer the following question from the above information in about 100 or so words

What is one way that a leader could handle these particular scenarios?

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