Lab report # 1 starting with safety.


· Watch the Safety Video by American Chemical Society.

· Answer all questions in this Lab report.


1. Why should small containers be used   to prepare solutions in the laboratory? Explain.

2. When you prepare the dilution of a   concentrated acid with water, what is the most important rule that you must   follow? 

3. In the laboratory, where should you   work with volatile chemical reagents? Why?

4. What are the correct rules for the   safe use of Bunsen burners? 

5. When you heat the test tube direct   in the flame, how should you do it correctly?

6. When you smell gas in the   laboratory, what should you do? 

7. Explain the meaning of   “Dressing for Safety” to work in the chemistry lab?

8. What is the procedure to follow   when an accident occurs with corrosive reagents?

9. Why is the use of goggles and   gloves important in laboratory work?

10. What are the most important   emergency equipment in the chemical laboratory?