Kroger is going to become Amazon and Walmart’s biggest threat, reaction paper help

Reaction paper

Kroger is going to become Amazon and Walmart’s biggest threat – Read at Business Insider:

The reaction papers basis will entail current published articles Your content should flow and have outside sources to back up the content you are presenting * 10 + outside sources are required *Feel free to use internet sources, scholarly online articles’ or other books (so long as you properly credit in-text and list on the reference section (Wikipedia is not a source accepted in this course.

1 – Reflect on the Published Articles

2- have a minimum of 10+ outside Sources (Referenced) to back up your analysis 

3 – Abstract, Keywords, Level Headings (title of what you are writing about), Reflection, Conclusion, References (Arrange in Alphabetical order) are Mandatory– use APA

4 – 10 pages without abstract and references.

5- abstract around 125 words. Half page

6- reflection – my  opinion- must be alone around 1 page

7- conclusion alone.

8- * 10 + outside sources are required * and use APA format.

9 * do not use it or if too much.

10 * similarity less than 9 percent.

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