Knowledge Management

Read the Danone case (Global KM at Danone file)  and identify one (1) Knowledge Management (KM)  initiative and complete the following with respect to that initiative:

1. Based on the KMWorld article “What is KM?”

a.  the 2×2 table with columns labeled Codification and Personalization (the 2nd page in the KMWord Article), identify whether the initiative took a codification or personalization approach and whether the initiative took a directed information or a serendipity approach. Justify your answer with cites from the article

b. classify the knowledge being managed as explicit, implicit or tacit knowledge. Justify your answer with cites from the article.

c. the article identifies three types of undertakings: 1) lessons learned databases, 2)expertise location and 3) communities of practice (CoPs). For the initiative you identified, identity which type of undertaking was used, Justify your answer with cites from the article.


Please: read the questions carefully and answer each part in every question in an obvious manner .

note: reading the KMWorld article gives you a broad vision to tackle the questions, then read the case to identify the initiative.

you don’t need to get any further information from other sources. The KMWord article is quite enough to answer the question. but first you have to read the Danone Case to identify the initiative then go over the questions.

I’m not limited to a number of pages as long as you cover these questions completely with clear answer. 

if you don’t know how to do it, I appreciate that you don’t act.


no plagiarisms allowed

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