Key questions 13&14 | Education homework help

Using only the chapter provided answer these question, don’t use any other source, use only these chapters as a reference and include citation. (References

Polloway, E., Patton, J., Serna, L., & Bailey, J. (2013). Strategies for teaching learners with special needs (10th ed). New Jersey: Pearson Education. )

Key questions chapter 13


2. Identify areas of functional academics within curriculum and provide examples of each skill and strategies for each academic area.

3. Identify strategies for assessment of personal and functional competences.

4.How can functional academic instruction can be integrated into the curriculum?

Key question chapter 14


1.Briefly describe ” Informal Assessments for Transition: Employment and Career Planning(Synatschk , 2007).

2.Briefly describe the key transitions during the school years.