Kaplan University Financial Accounting Principles

VERY IMPORTANT INITIAL GENTLE REMINDER:If you do not understand Plagiarism and how to avoid violating the rules of Academic Integrity, please review the tutorial in the classroom title “Plagiarism”. It can be found under the “Academic Tools” tab in each Unit. All written papers will be submitted to Turnitin to determine originality of content.

For Part 1, you are to complete Problems BTN 1-8 on page 48, and BTN 3-8 on page 155. The company must be the same company throughout the case for Part 1 in Unit 4 and Part 2 in Unit 5.

The BTN 1-8 problem narrative tells you to interview a local business. BTN 3-8 problem tells you to select a local company to visit in person. The following alternatives are included to help you select your company:

1. If you work for a company that is willing to participate, you may use that company.

2. If you do not work, or if your company would not be an appropriate choice, you may choose a local company willing to participate.

3. If none of the above is an available option, you may choose to use data from any company you select as long as data is available (an internet search would be acceptable) and would be appropriate to the assignment. The basic definition of “Appropriate” would be that it will meet all of the Assignment Rubric requirements.

4. Under NO circumstances would a company that you own be appropriate, whether it is a sole-proprietorship, partnership or corporation.

You should consider using the Unit 4 Case Study Rubric as a basic “Outline” for your paper. You may use the Rubric elements to build your headings and subheadings. The Unit 4 Case Paper Rubric is provided below.

The first thing to present in the case will be an introduction to the company. For example, what industry, products, services, market, customer base, competitors, etc. Be thorough! Short answers do not provide the necessary analysis or critical thinking.

Then, complete all 3 required sections for BTN 1-8, and all 5 requirements for BTN 3-8. Include a Conclusion section in your paper to summarize your case.

Your paper must be presented in a single Word document. The paper must be between 5 to 7 pages in length, not including the title and reference list pages. The paper must use proper APA Publication Manual, 6th Edition formatting, including title page, Running head, and reference list with properly formatted citations in the body of the paper. Headings and Sub-Headings are REQUIRED.

IMPORTANT NOTES: (1) Use the APA Template provided in Doc Sharing. (2) This is an Analysis; do NOT present an “Interview” format with “questions and answers”. Use the interview only as an information gathering methodology. (3) An Abstract is NOT required. (4) Do NOT include a Table of Contents. (5) Do NOT repeat or copy the assignment question narratives. Anything that artificially increases the length of the paper but does not add value to the analysis will result in a reduced score. (6) For more specific information and guidance, please read the “General Writing Helps” file in Doc Sharing.

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