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Week 4 Assignment

Use the attached file “IT491 Assignment 4” to complete this week’s assignment. This week’s assignment should be 5-7 pages upon completion. Individual screenshots should be no larger than a quarter of a page. 

Now that you have determined your needs and created your network design, you should be able to smoothly implement your project. Provide detail about your implementation below. Be sure to include:

Installations (25 points): Provide detail about all operating systems and software installations. Include screenshots during the installation phase and after successful installation. Describe any problems that you encountered and how you were able to work through the problem. You MUST provide screenshots that show the completed installation for each of the operating systems and required software applications.

System Management (25 points): Provide detail about any system management that you completed. This could include IP addressing, DNS setup, user management, security management, etc. You MUST provide screenshots that show the completed management for the key phases of your project.