ISO 20000 assignment

Read: Jung-Hoon Park, Hwan-Min Kim, (2012). “Building up an IT Service Management System through the ISO 20000 Certification”. International Journal of Knowledge Content Development & Technology 2(2), 31-45.

You will be analysing a study which was prepared to help National Discovery for Science Leaders (NDSL) in Korea to adopt and embrace ISO 20000. In doing so you will critique the approach taken to preparing for this journey and will use your knowledge of ISO 20000 to assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of the study. You will further demonstrate a broad knowledge of ISO 20000 by highlighting key areas of ISO 20000 which this study may have overlooked. Lastly, you will directly evaluate the technical accuracy of this study and its understanding of ISO 20000 using your own knowledge and understanding.

Consider the approach to ISO 20000 certification that is proposed in this study, and how effective this study might be in preparing its organisation for ISO 20000 certification. From your knowledge of ISO 20000 and its implementation, consider the following four questions/requirements;

What are the strengths or qualities of this study which would be effective at preparing for ISO 20000?

What are the weaknesses or limitations of this study which might not be helpful or preparing for ISO 20000?

Describe two important aspects of ISO 20000 that NDSL should be considering in order to effectively prepare for certification but which are NOT covered in this study.

How accurate and complete (or not) is this study in its presentation of ISO 20000 core principles.

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