Invoicing: The transaction wasn’t book on the correct date

Option #1: Bicycle Shop Invoicing

Assume you are the owner of Victory Cycle Shop and just received an order of bikes from Roseville. You notice that the invoice dated September 22 has terms of 2/10, n/30. The amount of the invoice was originally $1,000.

The payment was made on September 29; however, the clerk failed to book the transaction on September 22.

Identify the adjustments that need to be made in that period in terms of the accrual principle. 

Explain how to journalize and how to make the adjustments for the proper accounting period.

Address the following items in your response:

  • What is your motivation for offering the sales discount?
  • Identify three incentives customers would face to not pay the invoice within the discount period.

Your response should include 2-3 pages of written text in addition to any calculations and solutions you offer to support your thinking. Document formatting and any citations should conform to APA requirements.

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