Investment project | Financial markets homework help

You just inherited $100,000 (tax free) from your long lost uncle Jedediah, who found a lost gold mine in the Aquarius Mountains of Arizona. [Some people have all the luck!] You have decided to invest  your  inheritance  for  retirement.  So,  your  assignment  is  to  create  a  retirement  investment portfolio  with  this  $100,000.  Your  portfolio  could  consist  of stocks,  mutual  funds  including  at 

least  one  stock  fund  and  one  bond  fund,  and  ETFs.   

You can  save  any  leftover  funds, but state where you would save them: short-term Treasury debt (bills and notes)? A CD? A Savings Account?  A  Money  Market  Account  or  Fund?  These  leftover  funds  cannot  be  more  than  5% ($5,000)  of  your  total  amount inherited

.  You  must  explain  the  tax  consequences  of  each 

investment selected and how any taxes will affect the projected gain or income for you.

7-page (minimum)  narrative  paper  discussing  the  portfolio  you  have 

created.    Charts  and  graphs  are  extra  pages  and  do  not  count  in  the  7  pages  of  narrative.  Charts/graphs 

should  be  referenced  in  the  paper.  Internet  printouts  and  other  copies  do  not  count  at  all  toward  paper 

length, but may be submitted as supporting documents.