Intro to emergency management | Civil homework help

Question 1 

Select and read one of the after-action reports provided (or if an organization you work with has a recent after-action report you want to use, that’s fine as long as it is a substantive incident after action report (not from an exercise)). Prepare a post of at least 200 words that describes one of the challenges/areas for improvement noted in the report. What kinds of improvements or corrective actions were or are needed to help improve that response activity in the future? Make sure to note the organization and after-action report that is the subject of your post and basics about the incident (e.g., type of incident, date and duration, nature of impacts). 


Question 2 

After reading one of the after-action reports and the executive summary in A Failure of Initiative, think about the kinds of issues and activities that can “go wrong” or be a challenge in an emergency or disaster. Select an aspect of emergency/disaster response or recovery that presents challenges (e.g., situational awareness, communications [internal to incident response or external with the public], evacuation, post-disaster housing, or others) and do additional research, reading, and thinking to suggest at least two specific ways to improve how a jurisdiction or organization addresses the challenge or problem you identified.   

Question 3 

Based on the reading in the National Climate Assessment (pages 1-14 and at least one additional section of the NCA Highlights), prepare a short paper of at least 300 words that summarizes key points regarding climate change impacts and explores how the effects of climate change may affect the practice of emergency management in the coming decades. Cite sources using APA Style for in-text citations and a reference list. Make sure to use credible research, scientific, or government sources; do not use media or general web pages as sources for this assignment. 

Question 4 

Emergency managers work in all kinds of settings and organizations: public, private, non-profit, educational, research, military, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, etc. Go to the Jobs Board at (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., select a job posting and prepare a quick summary, in your own words, of the position and the type of organization the position is with. (Note that if you are looking at the Jobs Board at a time when there have been recent disasters, there will be more recovery-related job postings than when there has not been a major disaster recently.)