Intrinsic and Extrinsic Rewards Discussion Question

Managers who understand the motives that compel people to initiate, alter, or continue a desired behavior are more successful as motivators.

Exhibit 16.2 in the text illustrates four categories of motives–intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.

  1. Intrinsic rewards are the satisfactions a person receives in the process of performing a particular action
  2. Extrinsic rewards are given by another person, typically a manager, and include promotions, praise, and pay increases
  3. The importance of motivation is that it can lead to behaviors that reflect high performance and profits within organizations. Managers have to find the right combination of motivational techniques and rewards to keep workers satisfied and productive in a variety of organizational situations.

Assume that you are a front-line manager at a call center. Try to come up with a specific motivational idea that fits in each of the four quadrants in Exhibit 16.2: Positive Extrinsic; Positive intrinsic; Negative Extrinsic; Negative Intrinsic.

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