Internship Application Questions

Hello! I have a few mock internship short answer questions that I need answered. The prompt states that “in selecting participants, we look for pro-union people who are committed to principles of social and economic justice.  Participants must be people oriented, energetic, flexible, and willing to work long hours on a sometimes unpredictable schedule”. Please incorporate these focus points in the answers you will provide. For the questions that require personal information, please feel free to be creative and think of a suitable response. Otherwise, you can send me any questions you have regarding my post in the live chat once the prompt is posted and accepted. Thank you!

  1. Why are you interested in participating in this program?
  2. What do you hope to achieve by participating in this program?
  3. Have you ever been involved with any other types of community-based, union, political, or other social justice activists groups before?  If so, please describe briefly.
  4. This internship program heavily involves working with a diverse group of people and very long, erratic hours of work on a sometimes unpredictable schedule.  Have you ever gone through a similar experience?  Please describe briefly.
  5. What plans or goals do you have for the future?

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