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I need this work to be done asap. my initial is AA since you will need to use it to know the currency that you need to choos. 

1.  Go to

2.  Click on Database Retrieval

3.  Choose two target currencies based on your first and last name initials (country names start with you name initials). See the currency assignment instructions.

4.  Choose Price Notation

5.  Choose MS Excel and download the data

6.  Remove the serial numbers (1st column) and Wdy (3rd column)

7.  Draw a graph using the entire data (data, FX1, FX2) – edit the graph to make it neat and nice. Make some comments based on your first impression of the graph.

8.  Calculate the summary stats including averages, standard deviations, and CVs. Comment.

9.  Highlight the FX1 and FX2, and draw a scatter diagram which shows the relationship between FX1 and FX2. Determine a regression line between the two exchange rates. Comment.

10.  Highlight the Date and FX1 and determine a regression line. Can you forecast what would be like FX1 at the end of this month? Do the same for FX2. Comment.

11.  Click on “Plot Interface”

12.  Select US dollars as the Base Currency

13.  Choose two target currencies, Choose Time Horizon equal to Exact Time Period. Finally, select Price Notation and click on Make Chart

14.  Modify your excel data to print out the same chart you have obtained from “Plot Interface” Make comments.

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