Innovative Thinking in a Business: Theory-Based Strategic Experiment

Hello, I need to make 4 ppt slides with 4 bullet points each slide and speaker notes, addressing this problem that Riordan Manufacturing has, these are the the two changes that are to be addressed.

Address the following six changes involved with theory-based planning in your process and presentation:

  • Level of detail: Focus on the most critical market, technology, and unknown costs.
  • Communication of expectations: Base your predictions on theory and include a description of the theory used to generate your predictions.

One of Riordan Manufacturing’s largest customers purchases a number of different styles and types of a polycarbonate drinking bottle. The formulation for this particular bottle style contains Bisphenol A. Due to highly publicized, recent news stories concerning the safety of reusable plastic containers, Riordan’s customer has advised them that it will no longer be purchasing bottles containing Bisphenol A. Some time ago, the purchasing department found an attractive price on a bulk purchase of many of the components that went into the manufacture of the bottle. Around the same time, the operations department foresaw a period of unused plant capacity in the China plant. In order to keep the plant running at peak efficiency, they had the China plant do a number of production runs of the polycarbonate bottle in the most popular sizes and colors. No one saw an issue in producing the bottles without an existing purchase order given the customer’s history of purchasing large quantities of these bottles in the past. The bottles are currently being stored at the China plant, but the warehouse space will soon be needed for other orders. The bottles have not yet been scored with volume markings or the customer’s logo. What can Riordan Manufacturing do with the bottles?

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